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Kickfit Lab Training Center was founded by Pasqualino Gallucci in 2018. Gallucci devoted seventeen years of his life to competing in the martial art of Taekwondo for Canada across all levels –provincial, national, and international. In addition to his long and distinguished competition circuit experience, he joined the Canadian Armed Forces as an infantryman for four years, undergoing gruelling and extensive training which helped him forge rigorous discipline. In his desire to share skills, knowledge and abilities gained by training and competing with talented athletes around the world with others, he perfected his already profound mastery of Taekwondo while honing other varieties and support training regimens and programs; functional training, boxing, kick boxing, Thai boxing, resistance training, interval training, conditioning, strengthening, specific athletic training, fitness, flexibility, balance, plyometrics, aerobics, personal training, group training, sports team training, weight loss, muscle endurance, and workout programs. Kickfit Lab Training Center is the fruit of all that training and the desire to share this profound knowledge and to impart these highly valuable skills onto others.

The team at Kickfit Lab may be small for now but they are unconditionally committed to offering you the best service possible. Trainers Pasqualino Gallucci, and his younger sister Elvira Gallucci, both have extensive backgrounds in competing as Elvira followed in her brother’s Taekwondo competition footsteps while acquiring an education in massage therapy, thus combining her passion for competing with her knowledge of anatomy. Together, they make a great team of qualified instructors!

Each class at Kickfit Lab is specifically designed to meet the needs of the group and each workout is different, making the entire experience very much fun and exciting. The creative and diverse workouts will help participants remain motivated and eager to participate.